You have rented an amazing hotel and are now enjoying what Tramore has to offer, but you are struggling to think of ideas where to go and what to do. The following are definitely worth squeezing into your day to ensure a varied experience.Tramore is particularly popular during the spring and summer months of the year, it’s an ideal location to spend a week or even a long weekend. Tramore bay carries a strand and a promenade where tourists can stroll and enjoy a number of different activities throughout the day. There are a number of different facilities to enjoy in the area including amusement arcades. These are open all day long and while they cater to families during the day, during the night they are ideal for couples and older people to enjoy.

There are a variety of leisure facilities that are perfect for people of all different tastes. Whether you want to go horse riding, trekking, surfing or something else entirely, the options are endless at Tramore. There are also a variety of events in Tramore throughout the year, depending on when and why you are visiting this town. Be sure to research what is on in Tramore during the time that you want to visit.If you want to stick to things you are already used to then maybe you’d prefer to go to the cinema in Tramore or explore some of the restaurants that are around the area. There are a variety of eateries suited to all different tastes, whether you like Asian cuisine or something a little more close to home.

Tramore is most well known for its amazing beach and the overall happy atmosphere between tourists and locals alike all year long. Staying at this choice would be a good choice no matter what your current situation is.



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Famous for their deep and clear waters, they are regarded by many as two of the best outdoor swimming spots in Ireland.

Newtown is a small sheltered cove with a stony beach, with easy access for swimmers by the slipway or ladder.

The Guillamene can be accessed by steps from the car park, it is popular with both young and old. There are platforms to dive from, a small changing area and easy access to and from the water by multiple sets of steps. Swimming is easy at both high or low tides.

The rocky outcrops below the steps to the Guillamene provides a perfect location for some shore fishing.Or simply sit and enjoy the breathtaking views from Tramore beach to Brownstown head.

Newtown and Guillamene Swimming Club has been in existence for over 70 years. Over the years the Club has contributed to the maintenance of the Cove, both financially and by volunteer work. The Club received grant aid from Waterford Leader Partnership under the Rural Development Programme Encouragement of Tourism Activities Measure to preserve and enhance the coves ensuring a safe and enjoyable area for future generations.